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Popups are the most irritating aspect of surfing the Internet so kill popups. One can kill popups and stop ads from annoying your surfing, but what about other people's sites? One cannot change their source-code but, there are few softwares that can be run on your computer that will kill popups as they appear. Thus the phenomenon to kill popups is called  "Popup Free Surfing".

There are many popup killers available in the market to kill popups. Some of the kill popups software are as follows:

         Kill popups software 1: intelligent popup killer software that kill popups and prevents unwanted popup windows from appearing while browsing is a Popup preventer. It is very simple and powerful and uses artificial intelligence and intelligent agent technologies to kill popups.

         Kill popups software 2: This kill popups software is fully customizable popup filter that automatically kill popups and close the windows before they annoy and disturb your vision, hence providing a better environment for surfing. Clicking simply on the 'Stop popups' button in the Pop-Up Stopper users can kill popups before they arrive on the desktop. Activating the popup blocker on the interface can block all popups. Few websites uses legitimate popup windows as a navigational technique.  Trustix Pop-Up Stopper uses this flexibility feature allows users to specify certain websites on which popups will be allowed. Adding the address of those sites to the �Exceptions� list can do this. It means that popups will be permitted only for those specific sites even after the 'Stop Pop- Up' feature is on or activated.

         Kill popups software 3:  This little utility eliminates and will kill popups, those on the screen while browsing. It is a very fast and reliable kill popups software tool. This kill popups software works well with IE 5 and above.

         Kill popup software 4: This kill popups software eliminates popup advertising and restores harmony and peace to the net while surfing. This kill popups software is designed to provide full and perfect control on browsing. It does not block all popups rather it blocks only those that are irritating. Every Internet user may have different taste and a different irritation threshold. Thus the kill popups software is completely customizable and different user can choose different techniques and technologies to block, and kill popups, turning off images, Java applets, ActiveX controls, JavaScript, and 15 other potentially annoying techniques. Users can also change the criteria to block depending on what they are browsing. To use this flexibility. This kill popup software provides two key control mechanisms: the Internet irritation indicator and the Internet irritation level slider. These two key controls provide all information about the techniques that a web site is using thus help the user to block a group of techniques. This kill popups software does not use site title or URL address for matching and determining what to block. This kill popups software observes the interaction of the user with the browser, and takes decision on what to block based on a simple collection of rules. This kill popups software never interferes with normal browsing. If a user just wants to block and kill popups, then he has to just install the program. This kill popup software is available in Internet Explorer toolbar add-in. This kill popups software occupies a small space on the user's toolbar. This kill popups software can exist with other toolbar add-ins, like the Google toolbar. NONE are as effective as Messenger-Patch, Not Even Close.

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